Many school districts provide bus transportation to Oakland Catholic High School for students in their school district. These school districts are listed below.

School Districts That Do Provide Transportation

Outside the City of Pittsburgh

Allegheny ValleyMontour
AvonworthNorth Allegheny
Baldwin-WhitehallNorth Hills
Bethel ParkPenn Hills
Chartiers ValleyShaler
East AlleghenySouth Allegheny
Fox ChapelSto-Rox
GatewayWest Jefferson Hills
HamptonWest Mifflin
Keystone OaksWoodland Hills


City of Pittsburgh

Students who live two miles or more away from the school and who are residents of the City are eligible for a bus pass. They are distributed to students the last day of the calendar month.

East Allegheny

School district provides a bus pass or a school bus for students. Parents must notify the district if transportation is needed and they will contact you.

Keystone Oaks & Upper St. Clair

Keystone Oaks school district provides a bus pass and mails it directly to the student or will provide a bus. Upper St. Clair school district provides a bus pass and mails it directly to the student.

Updated: May 7, 2018

Private Buses

For those students living in the outlying suburbs, Oakland Catholic and Central Catholic coordinate private buses for the following areas. Note: There is a fee for these buses

North Hills Areas (click here for registration form and more information)
Quaker Valley
Seneca Valley

South Hills Areas (click here for registration form)
Mt. Lebanon
Peters Township
South Fayette
Upper St. Clair

Alle-Kiski Valley Area (click here for registration form)
Freeport Area
Highlands Area
Kiski Area
New Kensington-Arnold

Plum-Murrysville Area (click here for registration form)
Franklin Regional

School Districts That Do Not Provide Transportation

ButlerPenn Trafford
Canon McMillanRinggold
ClairtonSouth Park
Deer LakesSteel Valley
FreedomWest Allegheny


The school parking lot is used primarily for the faculty and staff of Oakland Catholic High School. There are a limited number of parking spots available to the students.

Any student who possesses a valid driver’s license may be eligible for an Oakland Catholic parking permit. Permits will be awarded in the following order: senior, junior, sophomore. In addition, permits will be awarded based on the following criteria:

  • Student lives more than 10 miles from Oakland Catholic and the Public School District in which the student resides does not provide transportation.
  • Student lives between 2 and 10 miles from Oakland Catholic and the Public School District in which the student resides does not provide transportation.
  • Public transportation is not available or timely.

  • The intent of the criteria is to allow those students who have no transportation provided by their public school district to attend Oakland Catholic.

    If you qualify for a parking permit based on the above criteria, you must fill out a Parking Permit Application. The completed application and photocopy of your license must be submitted to the Main Office by July 27, 2017. Please keep in mind our summer hours are Monday - Thursday 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. You will be notified by August 17, 2017 if your application was approved, at which time a yearly fee of $125 will be assessed. The $125 must be paid before the permit is issued.

    Students are expected to abide by the following parking policies:

  • Permits must be properly displayed (hanging from the rear view mirror).
  • Permits may not be given or shared with another student without permission from the office.
  • Students are required to park in their designated spaces.
  • Students upon entering the lot must verbally communicate with monitors when they have a planned early dismissal.
  • Students are not permitted to go to their vehicles during the school day.
  • Follow the directives of the parking lot monitors upon entering and exiting.
  • For safety purposes, students are not permitted to use their cell phones or have radio on upon entering or exiting.
  • At dismissal, buses will leave the parking lot first. Student drivers will be directed in order to leave their parking space.

  • Parking in the lot is a privilege and may be denied if school policies are not followed.

    The following are causes for revocation of the parking permit:

  • Failure to abide by school policies (see Student/Parent Handbook).
  • Violations of the above parking policies.
  • Leaving school campus without permission.
  • Habitual late arrival and absences (We want the students to be safe therefore we make some allowances for weather and traffic conditions).
  • Five unexcused tardies during a semester.
  • Being placed on Disciplinary Probation.

  • NOTE: Students may not park in the school lot without a valid parking permit. Vehicles without permits or vehicles that are parked in an unauthorized area will be tagged or towed at the owner’s expense and students will be subject to disciplinary action. Oakland Catholic High School is not responsible for damaged vehicles. Students should have insurance information on hand in case of any vehicle accidents.