Supplies and Fees

At the start of each school year, your daughter's teachers will instruct her as to what supplies are needed for each of her classes.


Simply make a purchase of qualifying school supplies, provide our school ID at checkout and Oakland Catholic High School will receive 5% back in credits for free supplies.

*OCHS School ID: 70088287

A.P. and C.E. Classes

Teachers will provide to the students the necessary information on the books and fees.

A.P. Fees

These fees will be assessed for the A.P. exams when the student begins the course in the fall. Students will pay in September for AP exams in May so that the correct number of exams may be ordered. Last year's exam cost $94.00 each.

Computer Cases

Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors are required to have a hard-shell case covering the top and bottom sections of their 11 inch MacBook. Keyboard covers are not required. Freshmen are also required to have a hard shell case. They will receive a 13 inch MacBook (model A1932).

You can purchase a case on your own or visit the EagleWear School store.

Locks for School Lockers

Every student must keep a combination lock locked on her locker at all times. If you will be using a Gym locker, you will need a combination lock for the locker.

Math and Science

All incoming freshmen and newly admitted upperclassmen are required to purchase a TI84+ graphing calculator. This calculator will be used in both Math and Science classes for graphing; this particular calculator is also compatible with science probes that are used in classes. Please remember to label your calculator with your first and last name.

Parent Teacher's Guild (PTG)

Every year we ask each family for a $20 donation to the PTG. This donation helps to provide support for professional development for teachers to defray their expenses. Please fill out this form to submit your PTG dues today.

School Pictures

School photos for Freshmen will take place on August 26th. Sophomores and Juniors will take pictures on August 28th. Pictures can be purchased from Simply Sisters Photography.


School and Gym uniforms can be purchased from Schoolbelles.