Student Council

Student Council hosts everything from semi-formal dances to Spirit Week to Dancing with the Vikings, as well as other events that raise money for our yearly charity of choice. The club meets bi-weekly on Wednesdays after school (more frequently around Spirit Week and dances).

The Executive Board and Class Officers each consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Elections for these positions are held in May of the preceding school year for the next year's sophomore, junior, and senior classes.

Each class also has a group of Senators who represent their class at Student Council meetings and all Student Council sponsored events. Elections for Class Officers and Senators for the freshman class are held each year in late September or early October. Students must abide by the By-Laws of the organization.

Executive Board

President: Jess Huwar, '20

"I am looking forward to the opportunity to organize student council events to make the 2019-20 school year memorable and fun for all of us! My goal for Student Council next year is to create more opportunities to fundraise for our missions to Guatemala and Jamaica."

Vice President: Emily Gong, '20

"I really look forward to making next year the most memorable year for the class of 2020. I am excited to be a supporter of whoever wants to have a voice in student council and make the council more organized and inclusive. I love the fact that OC offers students many opportunities to...become leaders."

Secretary: Julia Murray, '20

"One goal I have for Student Council next year is to make sure all events run smoothly and that we organize a flag football game for the juniors and seniors."

Treasurer: Izzy Young, '20

"One goal for Student Council is to accomplish better activities next year including powderpuff and maybe even a movie night! I love all the opportunities Oakland provides, from leadership positions to varsity sports to many mission trips! I also love the faith-based aspects of Oakland Catholic."

Public Relations Officer: Annie Snyder, '21

"I am most looking forward to getting more involved in the OC community and really making a difference. I'm also excited to carry out and build the new position of Public Relations Officer. One goal I have is to boost communication and interaction between the Executive Board, council members, & students."


President: Emma Shaughnessy

Vice President: Aidan Brady

Secretary: Mary Laird

Treasurer: Emma Pugh

Peyton Fisher
Elva Lee
Gabrielle Lisanti
Sofia Llovet-Nava
Harley Rahuba
Maggie Storti


President: Anna Mayberry

Vice President: Maddie DeMarino

Secretary: Katherine Newell

Treasurer: Megan McNelis

Flynn Anthony
Lindsey Bonavita
Grace Byrnes
Catherine Chung
Mary Knecht
Anna McShea
Kara Ryan
Lindsey Worrall


President: Lily Giovanelli

Vice President: Shea Deasy

Secretary: Haley Moreland

Treasurer: Audrey Flanagan

Nora Brennan
Claire Coldren
Cameron Kulbieda
Audrey Hill
Hannah Nikalson
Jane Pawlowicz
Sofia Porco
Rachel Sweeny



Vice President:



Being a member of Student Council was one of many invaluable ways Oakland Catholic taught me to be a leader in my community. (Aside from being such a fun experience!)


Paul Amy

Paul Amy

Alessandra Pazzaglia

Alessandra Pazzaglia