OC Virtual 5K Run/Walk

Thank you to all students, siblings, alumnae, and faculty who joined us in our Fly Like an Eagle 5k!

Oakland Catholic continued our virtual community this summer with an interactive run/walk for the whole family! We had numerous OC faculty members, students and families join in on the fun from July 19-25, 2020! The track was left up to participants as long as it was a 5k run (3.1 miles) or a 1k walk (0.62 miles).

A big thank you to Mrs. McCracken, Mrs. Koroly, and Mrs. Sforza for organizing this fun and successful virtual event!

The results are IN!

Audrey Haslett0:10:45 (1K)
Mia Haslett0:11:14 (1K)
Father Adam Potter0:21:00
Dan Hilt0:21:50
Karisa Haslett0:23:14
Amanda Sforza0:24:34
Gia Walker0:26:29
Meghan Pohl0:26:59
Bill Rinkacs0:28:16
Joe Pohl0:29:15
Amy Pohl0:43:12
Anna Pohl0:44:00
Julianne Skoner0:28:29
Melissa Toncini0:28:42
Dave Haslett0:30:01
Caitlin Collins0:31:32
Kate Majewski0:31:32
Joe Sforza0:32:05
Mimi Sobek0:32:28
Alison Skoner0:33:21
Caitlin Decker0:33:25
Sarah Carvellas0:35:21
Rhian Kenny0:36:06
Heidi Rinkacs0:36:43
Ava Barr0:38:17
Patty Decker0:38:40
Sherry Hilt0:43:00
Kate Oczypok0:48:03
Jeff Sobek0:49:38
Janet Estocin0:50:00
Kim, Meghan & Veronica Pavlick0:53:40
Mia Maurizio0:54:07
Theresa Doerfler0:58:00
Cassidy Checketts0:59:01
Shannon Collins1:00:00
David Skoner & Janet Skoner1:00:00
Eve Majewski1:01:00
Jacqueline Kranack1:08:17
Molly McCracken1:10:09
Elyse (& Remi) Lanzendorfer1:26:00
Greg Martz1:56:08
Katie Smith, Maddi Adams, Annelies Palombi and Elena EsquivalThe girls started the 5K as St Thomas More Tigers class of 2020. They returned as OC Eagles - Class of 2024!

Thank you OC faculty and staff runners!

Mrs. Sarah Carvellas
Mrs. Cassidy Checketts
Dr. Theresa Doerfler
Mrs. Karisa Haslett
Mrs. Megan Koroly
Mrs. Elyse Lanzendorfer
Mr. Greg Martz
Mrs. Molly McCracken
Mrs. Kim Pavlick
Fr. Adam Potter
Mrs. Heidi Rinkacs
Mrs. Missy Toncini