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Latin Club

Salve! This student led club focuses on many aspects of Rome’s history, impact, mythology and culture in fun and creative ways. Club senators each host an activity, and topics are chosen by the club members at the previous meeting. Past club meetings have included reenacting famous Roman art, exploring the world of Greco-Roman heroes and deities, learning about the myths behind astrological signs, decorating Gingerbread Romans, and so much more!

  • Who: Open to any OC student (you do not need to be taking or have taken Latin to join)
  • When: One Tuesday a Month (see announcements and Schoology for exact dates)
  • Where: Room 213
  • Time: 2:45- 3:30 p.m.

    Please contact Ms. Day if you have any questions and are interested in joining this club.


Ms. Heather Day

Ms. Heather Day