Stand Together

Stand Together is a student-to-student initiative that inspires and equips youth to take action against stigma associated with mental illness and substance use disorders. Students work to ‘stand together’ to increase education and awareness, increase social inclusion, and encourage adolescents to talk to an adult if they are concerned about their own or another student’s mental health.

To join OC’s Stand Together team, official training is required. An info session where the mission statement of the program and how to apply will be shared at the beginning of the school year. Students will apply when directed by moderators Mrs. Checketts and Mr. MacDonald. As the team can carry 25-30 students per year, the moderators choose from applications to form the team. After that, training takes place.


June 2020
This past year our team crushed away stigma by sharing facts on mental health and substance use disorders as, as we did a “food for thought” activity. Once we went remote, our team supported fellow youth by filming videos and giving shout outs about ways that everyone could “stand together” even when everyone was apart.