Class of 2020

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  • Time at OC: 2016-20
  • No. of students: 138
  • Class color: BLUE
  • Collegiate athletic commitments: 9


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"My two favorite memories from senior year were the Jamaica mission trip and K35. This year was my second time to Jamaica and I was a leader on the kairos retreat in December. Through these trips I was able to strengthen some of my old friendships and become closer with some people that I hadn't really had the chance before this year to get to know. I made some of my best friends through mission trips and kairos, and I'm so beyond grateful I was able to participate in these experiences. I was also able to grow in my faith while on these trips, and being surrounded by my friends during this was such an amazing opportunity that I'm extremely thankful for." -Brigh Moffatt

"While I had never swam on a team before, joining OC's Swim Team was so much fun. I met a lot of new people and learned about two of my best friends' favorite sport! I loved cheering on my team, trying to improve my swimming, and spending more time with my best friends!" -Mary Laird

"From picnic days, Spirit Week, dances, Masque, the Jamaica mission trip, Kairos, and so many more, OC has truly blessed me with not only amazing memories, but amazing people. Although I have so many favorite memories, everyday at OC (even though some were rough) brought me memories that I will forever treasure. Little things like saying hi to people in the halls, the fun lunches and study halls in the senior lounge, and just seeing my beautiful friends in class every day brought me so much joy and I will miss those little things so much. I have learned to not take the little things for granted and to treasure every moment. I want to thank everyone that made everyday at OC memorable. Thank you to my beautiful, strong and remarkable senior class for everything. I am so excited for the time that all of us can be together soon. I am so excited to see you all do amazing things and I love you all so much!" -Guia Apaga

"I know it might sound cliche. But my favorite memory was 6th period everyday. Sitting at a lunch table with the 4 people that have made my whole high school experience so memorable. I looked forward to our daily conversations, inside jokes, and card games more than anything. Even managing to get Fr. Adam, to sit at our “cool table” every time he was there. That was not only a lunch table, but a group of girls who genuinely cared and loved each other more than anything. We supported each other, talked through things, and never went a day without making each person laugh. My favorite memories are the ones that involve them." -Caterina Veneziano

"Meeting these three amazing gals through Chambers Singers and Masque at OC has been one of the most important parts of high school for me! We have made so many memories together and I am so thankful for their inspiration and friendship. Love you!" -Maddie Phillips

"Serving as Executive Board President has been the highlight of my senior year. The opportunity to organize events that brought together the OC community was much fun, and I'm so grateful to the girls that served on the Exec Board with me. Emily, Julia, Izzy, and Annie always have creative, unique ideas to foster OC school spirit, even in our new virtual environment. Love you guys!" -Jess Huwar

"My favorite memory of senior year so far has been winning 'Most Likely To Become President'. I plan on going into politics, and taking Mr. D's AP Gov class, was really exciting. The girls in my gov class inspire and motivate me to be the best student and person I can be, and Mr. D is the best teacher I've ever had. Love you guys!" -Rachel Parente

"One of my favorite memories at OC was being a part of an amazing team my Junior year. This team did the unexpected and beat all odds. We were undefeated section and WPIAL champions and made it all the way to the state semi-finals. We made OC history together. Because of this team, these girls have become my forever sisters and I will never ever forget that championship winning feeling." -Maggie Storti

"My favorite memory at OC was when I was walking to class with Riley and Tarah and it was snowing. We thought it would be really cool and artsy to throw a snowball at the camera. So I get my camera ready and Tarah throws the snowball as it hits me smack in the face and all three of us practically fall over from laughing so hard and we have the video to remember it! I know it was something small but I feel the small things are what make high school so memorable." -Sydney Heintzinger

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