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Our Campus

We've spent the past two decades drastically improving the physical space of our campus. The list of renovations and additions includes a competition gym, innovation lab, pottery studio, chapel, theater, courtyard, upgraded classrooms, and more.

However, OC would not be the unparalleled educational institution it is if its students were confined to our property alone.

When students join the Oakland Catholic community, they unlock access to a wealth of resources beyond 144 North Craig Street. Nearby universities, museums, libraries, eateries, green spaces, and more all contribute to their one-of-a-kind experience as OC Eagles.

Scroll through the photos below for a sample of all our city campus can offer!

First page of the PDF file: OCWebsiteMap.2022

Spend a school day on our campus...

It's time to start the day. Where better than OC?

You've arrived early to join mass in the chapel. Peaceful reflection centers and readies you for the day.

After helping decorate your friend's locker for her birthday, you gather your supplies for the morning.

Head to classes, bumping into friends on the way.

Halfway through your morning, you take a turn at the 3D printer in the John McGonigle Innovation Lab,

then help a friend navigate the Techno CNC Tabletop Router.

In the Collaboration Center, you and your partner get to work on an ongoing project.

It's time for lunch! Grab a sandwich for and find a seat.

Feel free to choose a table inside,

but it's a beautiful day for eating in the courtyard!

You're anxious to get your afternoon started - it's finally time to glaze your pottery!

Later you run around the Donahue Pavilion's competition gym, playing basketball in PE.

Then lounge in one of the many study areas where you can work and decompress with friends,

or take some 'me' time.

It's time to hit the stairs of the Joan of Arc building!

for class and a lecture in the JOA theater.

When the school day ends, you make plans to pack up and walk to Starbucks down the street. You've earned it!

Then an afternoon around Oakland...

You pass St. Paul Cathedral, where you recently celebrated mass with your classmates, and someday will walk down the aisle in your baccalaureate robe.

You pass stately older and glass-encased modern buildings as you make your way into the heart of Oakland.

There's an energy to the neighborhood that rejuvenates you after a long day at school.

But that doesn't mean you'll pass on Starbucks!

You take your time savoring your drink by the art museum fountains, before heading to the library.

After finishing some research, you walk through Schenley Plaza and consider a ride on the carousel. You're never too old?

Just up the street, you look past Pitt's Student Union to the site of your eventual Oakland Catholic Commencement ceremony:

Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Auditorium. You're excited for what's to come, but definitely not rushing your time at OC.

Maybe tomorrow you'll head in another direction, past the blooms at Phipps Conservatory

and onto CMU's campus, where you recently worked with your fellow Girls of Steel at their Robotics Institute.

When the city of Pittsburgh is your campus, you never know what tomorrow will bring!

Spend a day at OC with senior Eliza Bell!

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