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Health Services

A registered nurse is available to OC students through the Board of Education by the City of Pittsburgh twice weekly. She is able to assess needs and take care of appropriate referrals. All changes in health records or special directives from physicians should be sent in writing to the School Office. It is the parent’s responsibility to notify the school of a student’s health concerns.

Click here for a list of required Student Health Forms.


Kristi Crawford

Titles: School Nurse

Notification of Mandated Screenings

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania dictates that all students have mandated physical examinations in grades K, 6 and 11, and mandated screenings (i.e. BMI, Hearing, Vision, Scoliosis) in all or select grades.  In addition, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania dictates that all students have mandated dental examinations and screenings upon original entry into school, grades K, 3 and 7.  Mandated health and dental screenings are provided annually through the Health Services division of the Pittsburgh Public School District.

We request that you provide a physical examination and/or dental examination from your private physician and/or dentist if your child is in a mandated grade.  Physical exams are available and can be provided at school by the School Nurse Practitioner, free of charge, only if requested by the parent in writing, directly to the school nurse. 

Students may be exempt from such examination or screening if it is contrary to the parent’s/guardian’s religious beliefs, communicated in writing to the school nurse and/or dental hygienist.  Please contact school nurse, Kristi Crawford, at if needed.

Distribution of Medication

The faculty/staff of Oakland Catholic is prohibited from distributing medication to students. Should parents have special needs they must contact the Assistant Principal and make known the special needs and concerns of the student. The Assistant Principal, with the permission of the parent, will make the necessary arrangements for the student to attend to her need regarding medication as specified by the physician.

Illness During the School Day

Should a student become ill during the course of the day, she should be sent/report to the School Office. If the nurse is on campus, the School Office will defer to the nurses’ recommendation. If not, the parent/guardian will be called to determine course of action. Under no circumstance should a student call or text her parents from her cell phone, nor should she leave to go home without permission from the School Office.


If a child must take any medication in school which is prescribed by a doctor, that medication must be sent to the School Office in the container received from the pharmacy and must have on its label the following information:

  • Student’s name
  • Name of doctor prescribing the student’s medication
  • Frequency
  • Dose
  • Date

All non-prescription medication should be taken to the School Office with the following information:

  • Student’s name
  • Frequency
  • Dose

Only the nurse or office personnel may oversee the administration of medication.


Physicals are required for students entering the ninth grade. They are also required for athletic participation. No student will be admitted to practice for a sport without a physical evaluation on file in the school.