Why Give to OC?

"Supporting Oakland Catholic High School is important to ensure the future of so many young ladies who will have the opportunity to change the community, indeed the world!" - Helen Laffey Kondrich, SHHS '80 and Parent OCHS '16

The young women who walk through the doors of Oakland Catholic High School for the very first time as freshman have endless potential. They are on the edge of discovering so much about themselves over the next four years as they develop interests, refine talents, and create lifelong friendships. These opportunities are only afforded to them through the help of donations from our generous Oakland Catholic High School community of alumnae and friends. With your support, these young women have the ability to realize their visions for the future as they become agents of change.

Other Amazing Ways to Give

Enhancing Academics

Your donations support our talented educators and a state-of-the-art technology program.

Embracing Tradition

Your donations bolster the identity we built as Western PA's premier all-girls Catholic High School.

Ensuring Legacy

Your donations secure our mission to guide young women to Service, Scholarship and Spirituality.