"Not everybody wins, and certainly not everybody wins all the time. But once you get into your boat and push off, tie into your shoes and boot stretchers, then 'lean on the oars,' you have indeed won far more than those who have never tried"

Rowing is an activity that requires strength and stamina; both physically and mentally - putting participants in peak condition. Rowing is a year-round, full-body conditioning activity.

Attributes of a seasoned rower are the leg power of a speed skater, back strength of a weight lifter, endurance of a marathon runner, reflexes of a sprinter and the balance of a snowboarder. There are no "stars" in rowing, it is therefore considered to be the ultimate team sport. Rowers must work together in total unison as a team to achieve victory. Crew teaches the importance of teamwork, perseverance and discipline, invaluable lessons for life.

Oakland Catholic offers crew as a club sport at the Novice, Junior Varsity and Varsity levels. The program begins in the fall with instruction and races and continues in the winter with conditioning that will prepare athletes for the demands of spring competition. Weekday practices on the beautiful Allegheny River train rowers for exciting weekend races on waterways throughout the region.

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