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OC Theater Group
2022-23 Production Dates:

Fall: November 3-5, 2022       Spring: March 16-18, 2023
All shows begin at 7:00 PM in the JOA Theater.

In conjunction with Central Catholic, OC students have the opportunity to audition for and participate in two stage productions a year, in the fall and spring, through OC's Theater Group.

Previous experience is welcome but not required; dedication and enthusiasm are musts!

Over the years, the OC Theater Group has gained a stellar reputation spread by cast members, stage crew and the general public. Students and moderators are dedicated to the production and all of their hard work is well worth it.

Not interested in being on stage? Join the backstage hustle and bustle of the stage crew!



Ms. Jane Jeffries

Ms. Jane Jeffries

Theater Group Productions

...and The Power Mutants!