Tuition & Affordability

  • Domestic Students: $15,800
  • International Students: $18,000
Additional Fees: 
  • Activity/Tech Fee (includes laptop insurance): $450
  • Graduation Fee (Seniors only): $325

Tuition Assistance is not a one-size-fits-all approach at Oakland Catholic.

We recognize that your daughter, your family, and your financial situation are unique to you. Income level is only one of many factors taken into consideration. Many private schools incentivize families to enroll with generous tuition assistance plans for freshman year, followed by diminishing assistance in subsequent years. Oakland Catholic is loyal to returning families. We partner with each family to ensure that their daughter joins the OC Community and stays through graduation!

Last year Oakland Catholic awarded $1 million in financial aid to meet 40-50% of our families' needs. Financial aid packages are built from a variety of sources. Read on to learn more about affording OC, and always feel free to contact our Admissions Department with any questions or concerns.

There's no community stronger, more supportive, or more encouraging; I truly believe that the OC experience is unparalleled.Mary Cumpston, '17

Who Should Apply for Tuition Assistance?

Sample Scenarios

We're a 2-parent household with 3 children—one entering high school and two in private elementary school. We both work, with a joint income of about $100-$150k. We assume that we wouldn’t get any aid, which means OC would put a lot of stress on our budget, especially since we'd be sending another child in a few years. (Click title for our response.)

I am a single parent raising my two daughters. I work full-time, but earn under $50,000. I do have some savings, but as much as I want to send my daughter to Oakland Catholic, I don’t want to exhaust them. I may need additional assistance outside of what OC offers but don't know where to begin. (Click title for our response)

I have consistently provided for my family at a level of $150–$175k annually, but with 4 children all in Catholic schools and ongoing medical expenses for my spouse (that may increase), we don’t see how we can afford Oakland Catholic, particularly if my salary changes. (Click title for answer.)

How to Apply for Tuition Assistance

Step 1:

Apply to OC. Upon acceptance, complete the FACTS aid application (online by the end of January). The deadline for completion is March 15. Late application can be made, but funds do diminish as we approach the next school year.

Step 2:

Tuition Assistance awards are made in April/May and will be reflected on the tuition statement for the next school year. For registered families, tuition assistance awards are automatically uploaded to their FACTS accounts.

Step 3:

If circumstances arise that are unaccounted for in your FACTS aid application, you can always contact our Business Office to inquire about adjustments. We are committed making things work for you within our means!

Outside-Sponsored Tuition Assistance



Outside-Sponsored Tuition Assistance

Diocese of Pittsburgh

Link - this process is the same as ours other than the Bishop's Education Fund Pastor Signature Sheet step. Should I just list this as the Bishop's Education Fund and link to the diocesan aid page?

SallieMae Partnership

To further our commitment to financially support our families, Oakland Catholic High School has partnered with SallieMae and the K-12 Family Education Loan Program. Please follow this link directly to the SLMA website and the application process.

Crossroads Program

Crossroads provides tuition assistance for scholars to attend rigorous Catholic high schools in the greater Pittsburgh area. By collaborating with families, partner schools, and other stakeholders, they aim to make excellent education affordable and accessible to many of our region’s promising young people.

Poise Foundation

Through their various scholarship programs, the Poise Foundation assists families with tuition, fees and other related costs, in order to provide opportunities to seek the education best suited for their children.

Best of the Batch Foundation

Best of the Batch Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded in 1999 by former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Charlie Batch with the goal of providing financially challenged communities with the purpose, desire, and resources to give their best efforts in all they do throughout their lives. 




Oakland Catholic High School offers an array of scholarship opportunities, both merit and need-based.

To be considered for one of the scholarships listed below, you must first receive acceptance to Oakland Catholic High School, as well as complete the required Scholarship Entrance Exam (for merit scholarship consideration). Once accepted, you may complete the form below in order to inquire about eligibility, as requirements for each scholarship vary.

Recipients of merit scholarships will be notified with their acceptance packet. Those receiving named scholarships or scholarships that require a demonstration of financial need will receive notice in late April/early May with the Tuition & Financial Aid Award Statement.