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There is something for everyone at OC!

At Oakland Catholic, you will explore your passions, find your voice and make friends for life. Whether in the classroom, on the court, or in the garden, Oakland Catholic has an extracurricular club, activity or program for all students. 

Below are just a few programs OC has to offer! Click on the images to explore even more.

Global Competence Initiative

GCI encourages students to cultivate a global perspective by broadening their knowledge of the concerns, challenges and achievements of the wider world in preparation for their futures as college students and globally engaged citizens.

Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry acts to facilitate the growth of our students through an awareness that our purpose in life is to be Christ’s Hands and Feet, to live deeply and authentically within our hearts and to grow ever closer to God.


OC Student Athlete discipline is overtly rewarded on the fields and courts, but also translates into stronger academic performance in the classroom and increased self-confidence in their daily lives.

Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab serves as a place where creativity, engineering, social justice, and challenges intersect in a future-oriented atmosphere.

Fine Arts

Through the arts, our students engage in self-discovery, problem solve creatively, build resilience, exercise empathy, and experience joy.


Each student must carry a minimum of six (6) courses per semester. OC offers many courses and electives throughout nine (9) departments.