Program of Studies

Course Catalog

Detailed information about courses and requirements for Oakland Catholic High School can be found by downloading the Course Catalog below.

Download the 2018-2019 Course Catalog

Graduation Requirements

Students must earn a minimum of 26 credits in order to receive an Oakland Catholic High School diploma.

English4.5 Credits
Religion4.0 Credits
Social Studies4.0 Credits
Mathematics3.0 Credits
Science3.0 Credits
Electives3.5 Credits
Foreign Language2.0 Credits
Health / Physical Education1.0 Credits
Fine Arts1.0 Credits

Typical Course Load per Year

A minimum of six (6) courses are required per semester. JOA Scholars have specific course requirements each year and should consult with the Director of the JOA Society of Scholars and Guidance to confirm that they are complying with all criteria of the program.

Social StudiesSocial StudiesSocial StudiesSocial Studies
LanguageLanguageLanguage Elective
Fine ArtsHealthElective
Physical EducationPhysical Education

Marking System
GradeNumerical ValueCollege Equivalency /
Advanced Placement
Honors High SchoolCollege Preparatory
100 - 956.0005.0004.000
A-94 - 935.6254.6873.750
B+92 - 904.8754.0633.250
B89 - 874.5003.7503.000
B-86 - 854.1253.4372.750
C+84 - 823.3752.1832.250
C81 - 773.0002.5002.000
C-76 - 752.6252.1871.750
D+74 - 731.8751.5631.250
D72 - 711.5001.2501.000
E69 - 00.0000.0000.000

Note: As a matter of school policy, students are not ranked. Each transcript reflects a cumulative grade point average weighted for AP, CE, and honors courses. Cumulative GPAs are calculated by averaging all courses at Oakland Catholic.