As research indicates, if you give students powerful tools, you equip them with the means to excel, and excellence is a hallmark of an Oakland Catholic education. The impact of integrating this level of technology into our curriculum has been tremendous and overwhelmingly positive.

By furnishing each student with a MacBook Air, we have increased student engagement, augmented the development of essential technological skills, and further enhanced the Oakland Catholic learning experience. We are confident that Mission Forward will continue to transform the learning process, providing our students with the technological and collaborative skills necessary to become the next generation of leaders.

Partnering with Apple allowed us to provide our instructors with intense professional training so that skill development occurs across the curriculum and is integrated seamlessly into the learning process.

ALL incoming ninth grade students and parents are required to attend one of the summer orientation sessions prior to the distribution of laptops at the start of the school year.

All new transfer and international students are required to either attend one of the summer orientation sessions or must contact the School Office to make arrangements for a private Mission Forward orientation prior to the distribution of laptops at the start of the school year.

Macbook FAQs

Can I buy the computer my senior year?

Currently, no.

Can I take my computer to the Apple store?

Yes, in an emergency situation. However, ALL issues must be immediately reported to the Director of Academic technology for diagnostics. If further action is needed you will be directed to the Apple store, or swapped for a new computer.

Can I decorate my computer?

All computers MUST be in the hard case at all times. You can decorate the case with vinyl decals, but NO stickers are permitted.

Can the school access my computer while at home?

No, the computers are not monitored outside of the Oakland Catholic Network.

Can the school access my personal information?

No, we can change the password to your computer but cannot see your current password. We do not have access to your Apple ID and cannot change the password.

What happens if my computer crashes?

All students are encouraged to keep a back up of information in Google drive, or on an external drive. Save often. Computers can have glitches, but if not attended to properly, extensions on school work will not be given.

Where do I purchase my laptop case?

All students are required to have a hard-shell case covering the top and bottom sections of their MacBook. Keyboard covers are not required. You may select a case here or purchase one on your own. Cases ordered through Oakland Catholic will be distributed at the beginning of the school year at a cost of $12.00. Please have your money with you when picking up your case.