Joan of Arc Society of Scholars

Purpose of the Scholars Program

Within Oakland Catholic reside many students of significantly high caliber. They adapt readily to our scholarly methods and pursue their studies enthusiastically. Motivated far beyond a simple desire to achieve, they exhibit a zeal for knowledge that propels them toward an interdisciplinary approach as they grapple with research topics, contemporary issues, and the drive of their own intellect. These students have existed at Oakland Catholic since its conception, but they have not always been publicly recognized for their outstanding achievements and unfaltering quest for knowledge. The Joan of Arc Society of Scholars was formed after reviewing the history of these students and their academic careers at Oakland Catholic. Although the National Honor Society, various accolades, and many prestigious universities recognized the talent of these students, there was no formal program at our school that officially acknowledged them as a group of students who entered Oakland Catholic from the start with a purposeful intent to hone their intellects. They consistently performed exceptionally well in an academic environment they had chosen to make even more demanding than required. The Joan of Arc Society of Scholars was conceived to respond to the needs of these students and to assist them in their academic journey.

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