GCI Program Requirements

GCI Academic Requirements

  • World History I: Ancient times to 1450 CE (One Year)
  • World History II: 1450 CE to Present Day (One Year)
  • World Literature (One Year)
  • Science (Three Years)
  • Language Proficiency
  • Research paper on a Human Geography topic (Senior Year)
  • Public presentation of research paper subject (Senior Year)
  • GCI Participation Requirements

    There are two types of activities in which the student must participate to attain the Certificate in Global Competence: ENCOUNTERS and ENGAGEMENTS.

    ENCOUNTERS are typically events that take place in a single day or evening. Examples include: lectures, seminars, films and/or cultural events. A written reflection is required following each ENCOUNTER.

    An ongoing list of approved events will be made available on the OC website, in daily announcements, and through email contact with participants.

    12 ENCOUNTERS over the course of the program are required (3 each year). Sophomores who chose to participate need to complete the 12 ENCOUNTERS over three years (4 each year).

    ENGAGEMENTS are activities that represent a significant investment of time spent in an effort to engage more deeply with an international subject. Examples include: international travel, the World Affairs Council Summer Institute, and the Global Competence Initiative annual Book Group. A reflection, summarizing the impact of each ENGAGEMENT is required.

    Over four years, a freshman must participate in 3 approved ENGAGEMENT activities. Sophomores have three years to complete this requirement.

    GCI Program FAQ

    Do I need to take honors classes or have a certain quality point average to participate in the program?

    No. Any student interested in global affairs and willing to commit herself to fulfilling the program requirements may participate.

    Can I be a Joan of Arc Scholar and pursue a Certificate in Global Competence?

    Yes. Many JOA activities will automatically qualify as ENCOUNTERS. The programs will overlap and complement each other.

    Do I need to formally sign up for the program?

    Yes. A statement of intent, signed by both the student and the parent, must be given to Ms. McNulty (in 209) by September 15, 2016

    If the commitment becomes more than I can handle, can I withdraw from the program without negative consequences?

    Yes. High school is a time when students should try a range of activities in an effort to discover their interests and strengths. If you find that activities and classes you have chosen make it impossible to fulfill the requirements of the program, you may withdraw with no negative consequences.

    There is no shame in identifying your priorities! It is a mark of maturity to be able to do so.

    GCI: Statement of Intent:Download PDF Form


    Email Ms. McNulty cmcnulty@oaklandcatholic.org