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Global Competence Initiative (GCI)


Program Overview

The Global Competence Initiative program at Oakland Catholic is designed to address the need for a workforce which is globally aware and culturally fluent in our increasingly interconnected and interdependent world.

GCI encourages students to cultivate a global perspective by broadening their knowledge of the concerns, challenges and achievements of the wider world in preparation for their futures as college students and globally engaged citizens.

After fulfilling academic and program requirements over a four-year period, students will receive a Certificate in Global Competence, signifying their completion of the program and their dedication to becoming responsible and respected global leaders.

Download the GCI Statement of Intent Form

Academic Requirements

  • World History I: Ancient times to 1450 CE (One Year)
  • World History II: 1450 CE to Present Day (One Year)
  • World Literature (One Year)
  • Science (Three Years)
  • Language Proficiency
  • Research paper on a Human Geography topic (Senior Year)
  • Public presentation of research paper subject (Senior Year)

Participation Requirements

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GCI Moderators

Alessandra Pazzaglia

Italian Teacher

Matthew Williams

Social Studies Teacher