Fine Arts

The Music Department at Oakland Catholic strives to provide a broad range of musical experiences, aimed at training young musicians to be capable of speaking the language of music, both here at Oakland Catholic, and in future musical endeavors. In choral classes, vocal technique, musicianship and artistic interpretation are stressed, with strong emphasis on the melding of individual contributions into a polished finished performance. In instrumental classes, private individual lessons are encouraged, with a professional teacher of each student's particular instrument, so that technique, musicianship and interpretation may be equally developed.

The Visual Arts Department seeks to instill aesthetic awareness in each student that is involved in the program. The understanding, appreciation, and production of art are developed through practical application and active participation. The core of the program is dedicated to unlocking the imagination, encouraging creativity, and developing critical thinking in each student. As such, the Visual Arts Department hopes to develop the whole person, providing the student with opportunities to grow intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.

The Visual Arts Program develops in the following manner: each studio is one semester in length and carries the weight of 1/2 credit. The graduation requirement is to complete Studio I which is designed to begin building a foundation through the study of basic art theory and technique. Classes beyond Studio I are electives.