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Visual and Performing Arts

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts Department seeks to instill aesthetic awareness in each student that is involved in the program. The understanding, appreciation, and production of art are developed through practical application and active participation. The core of the program is dedicated to unlocking the imagination, encouraging creativity, and developing critical thinking in each student. As such, the Visual Arts Department hopes to develop the whole person, providing the student with opportunities to grow intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.

The Visual Arts Program develops in the following manner: each studio is one semester in length and carries the weight of a 1/2 credit. The graduation requirement is to complete Studio I, which is designed to begin building a foundation through the study of basic art theory and technique. Classes beyond Studio I are electives.


The Music Department lays a foundation that helps to nurture performance. Students learn to read, write and interpret music as an essential dimension of a rich and diverse education. Artistic, literary, mathematic, scientific and historical significances, as well as foreign languages and foundations in faith, are interwoven into both performance and academic courses. Courses that fulfill the Freshman Music Requirement include: Freshman Chorale (a singing ensemble), Music Culture and Appreciation or Theater Arts. Music Theory offers creative avenues for aspiring composers, arrangers, and arts managers. Collaboration with Central Catholic Music Department affords Oakland Catholic students the full Concert Band experience. Educational research shows that students benefit in all academic areas through the development of musical skills.

Meet the Fine Arts Faculty

Ms. Kaylee  Allmond

Ms. Kaylee Allmond

Music Teacher
Mrs. Megan Koroly

Mrs. Megan Koroly

Art Teacher