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2023-24 Course Catalog



Around OC

CMU Mobile LED Lab

CMU's mobile lab team were on campus to work with Mr. Graner's 3rd period Physics II class.  These CMU students represented their electrical engineering outreach team.

Flame Test

In a flame test, each metal forms a different colored flame as electrons move between different energy levels within the atom. Students were able to figure out the identity of the metal by testing and observing the color of the flame.

Battle of the Bots

Recently, Mr. Graner's Creativity by Design class learned how to code multiple different sensors (motion detectors, motors for wheels and a weapon, and a color detector to protect themselves from falling off the edge of a table.)

Enzyme Lab with Mr. Krotec

Students in Mr. Weiss' Anatomy and Physiology classes were treated to a special guest presentation by Mr. Krotec, biology teacher at Central Catholic.