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"Understand that you have been given a unique opportunity to pursue your dreams and education at a stellar institution. The tools needed to succeed are at your fingertips, but you have to decide to take advantage of them."

-Sabrina Saunders, OCHS '99

Curriculum & Departments

Whether you're an innovative engineer, budding writer, or hopeful entrepreneur, Oakland Catholic has the courses, faculty and facilities to grow your strengths while broadening your skillsets. No matter your eventual field, as a student at OC you will build an impeccable foundation in communication skills that allows for intelligent, impactful exchanges with classmates and future colleagues.

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Academic Programs

At Oakland Catholic we meet students where they are in order to ensure success when we challenge them to excel. To achieve this balance, we offer three levels of courses within our curriculum: college-preparatory, college-equivalency, and advanced placement. Additionally, high-achieving students are given the opportunity to participate in the following enrichment programs:

About the Joan of Arc Society of Scholars

About the Global Competence Initiative

About the National Honor Society

Academic Resources

In addition to enrichment programs, our state-of-the-art amenities foster enhanced critical thinking and facilitate inspiring discoveries.

Innovation Lab

Students engage in project-based learning that encourages skill development, knowledge application, inquiry, and hands-on experience with authentic problems in our Innovation Lab.

Collaboration Center

Oakland Catholic's Collaboration Center is a technologically advanced space where students can collaborate on assignments, study in small groups and work on projects.


The Academic Resource Center provides students with a wealth of scholarly books and online materials integral to crafting strong research papers, presentations and other academic projects.

1:1 Laptops

Our Mission Forward initiative furnishes each student with a Macbook Air, resulting in increased engagement and the development of essential technological skills.

College, Academic & Career Counseling

From Study Skills, to the College Fair to the annual OC Career Symposium, our counselors are constantly preparing students for both the tasks directly at hand and future opportunities. With experience and perspective, they help our students resiliently navigate the challenges of today, while firmly guiding them toward tomorrow's opportunities.

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