Stakeholders' Evening

a message from principal bragg

Welcome to the 2020-2021 Stakeholders’ Evening - an event where teachers and families can meet and connect at the start of the school year. While we are unable to hold our traditional back-to-school night this year, we remain committed to presenting you with an overview of your daughter's classes and the rigor of the Oakland Catholic academic program.

All families have been placed into three groups, according to last name, to ensure we remain within our capacity limit for each Zoom session. A member of the Administrative team - President Mary Claire Kasunic, Assistant Principal Nikki Powell, Principal Marisa Bragg - will lead each group in prayer and explain the structure and design of the evening. After our initial welcome, we will ask you to turn off your cameras, mute your mics, and listen to our Department Chairs as they introduce your daughters' teachers and explain the philosophy, expertise, and scope of the academic program.

Be sure to check your email in advance of September 17 for course expectations and syllabi from all your daughter's teachers.  You'll also receive each teacher's contact information so that you can readily communicate with him/her throughout the semester as specific questions or concerns arise.

We look forward to seeing you on September 17th from 6-8pm via Zoom. An email with a link to your session, including the corresponding password, will be emailed to you on Monday. In the interim, the full schedule can be found below. If you have any technical difficulties downloading Zoom or accessing the session, please contact our Director of Academic Technology Mrs. Karisa Haslett at

Group 1: ADAMS - HOFFMAN  President Kasunic
6:00 (opens at 5:55) Welcome & Prayer
6:03 Math
6:15 English
6:27 Social Studies
6:39 Science
6:51 Religion
7:03 Foreign Language
7:15 Art/PE/Music
7:27 School/College Counseling


Group 2: HOLLAND - PAVLICK Principal Bragg
6:00 (opens at 5:55) Welcome & Prayer
6:03 Social Studies
6:15 Math
6:27 English
6:39 Art/PE/Music
6:51 Science
7:03 Religion
7:15 School/College Counseling
7:27 Foreign Language


Group 3: PAWELAK - ZWICKER Assistant Principal Powell
6:00 (opens at 5:55) Welcome & Prayer
6:03 English
6:15 Social Studies
6:27 Math
6:39 Religion
6:51 Foreign Language
7:03 School/College Counseling
7:15 Science
7:27 Art/PE/Music