Welcome, Grandparents!

We're delighted you are joining us for this special virtual event on November 4, 2020. Follow the steps below to share in your granddaughter's life as an Oakland Catholic Eagle.

To begin, enjoy a beautiful flute prelude and accompanying slideshow.

A Mass in your honor will begin at 10am (on Wednesday, November 4). 

Take a peek into your granddaughter's world with a virtual tour of OC!

Leave a note for your granddaughter. She'll love getting a your special message!


Enjoy our flute prelude: Arioso by Johann Sebastian Bach, performed by OC senior Maya Weaver.

*If you submitted a photo of you and your granddaughter when you registered, watch for it here!

Celebrate Mass

Join Fr. Mike Ackerman at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, November 4 for a Mass celebrating you, our OC grandparents! 

To follow along, please refer to the program that was mailed with your gift or download it here.

2020 Grandparents Day Mass

Tour OC

Explore the halls of OC your granddaughter walks everyday.

Be sure to watch until the end for the full OC experience! 

Send a Note

Tell your granddaughter how much you love her and what you think about OC! ​​​​

Complete this form with a personal message to your granddaughter that she will receive via her OC email.

*All fields are required to submit your message. The message is limited to 500 characters; it will expand as you type. 

Support Oakland Catholic

Support your granddaughter and Oakland Catholic's mission with a gift to the OC Fund!

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