Welcome, Grandparents!

We're delighted you are joining us for this special event. After watching the President's Welcome, follow the steps below to share in your granddaughter's life as an Oakland Catholic Eagle.

*If you have any questions, please contact Diane Totten, Director of Constituent Relations, at (412) 682-6633 ext. 1263 or dtotten@oaklandcatholic.org.

A Mass in your honor begins at 8:15 am on Monday, November 1. 

Take a peek into your granddaughter's world with a virtual tour of OC!

Leave a note for your granddaughter. She'll love getting your special message!

Celebrate Mass

To watch the live-stream of this mass: 
1. Click here THEN
2. Click 'Watch Online' when that page opens (see image below).

 OR watch on tv: Comcast Channel 95 in Pittsburgh.

Tour OC

Explore the halls of OC your granddaughter walks everyday.

Be sure to watch until the end for the full OC experience! 

Send a Note

Tell your granddaughter how much you love her and what you think about OC! ​​​​

Complete this form with a personal message to your granddaughter that she will receive via her OC email.

*All fields are required to submit your message. The message is limited to 500 characters; it will expand as you type. 


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Support Oakland Catholic

Support your granddaughter and Oakland Catholic's mission with a gift to the OC Fund!

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