Oakland Catholic was the right choice for my daughter....and for me.

The support of OC parents today ensures that the OC legacy will be a network of support for their daughters today and tomorrow.

OC parents are busy, but they also know that they bring tremendous value to their daughter’s education when they remain engaged and committed. Your time and expertise are needed. Register for as many of the volunteer activities (detailed on the right) that interest you, and a PTG representative will contact you with details.

Annually each family is asked to make a $20 contribution to the PTG. These dues provide support for faculty professional development and supplement the cost to provide refreshments for annual school social activities including Freshmen Orientation, Open House, National Honor Society Induction, Honors Convocation, and the annual Faculty/Staff Appreciation Luncheon.

Unable to volunteer, but willing to assist financially? A $1,000 gift made to the Oakland Catholic Fund will demonstrate your commitment to OC for the coming school year. You can choose to make payment in full now, set up monthly payments, or add it to your FACTS tuition payment account.

My Commitment of Support

Parent Teacher Guild (PTG)

All families are asked to become members of the PTG. In addition, several parents are needed to serve on the PTG Board in order to serve as the liaison between OC Parents and Administration. By meeting monthly with the Principal and serving as the umbrella to all parent volunteer activities, the PTG enhances, enriches, and ensures the legacy of an Oakland Catholic High School educational experience.

OC Gala

Assist with our largest community fundraising event of the year by encouraging sponsorship and/or by attending the OC Gala planned for Saturday, October 5, 2019.

OC PENsylvania Lottery Calendar

Each student is asked to sell five (5) lottery calendars. Parent volunteers are needed to count the weekly returns on Thursdays in the fall in the Advancement Office.

Substitute Teacher

If you have PA certification, please volunteer to serve as a substitute teacher. The Assistant Principal will contact you regarding clearances and availability.

OC Eagle Classic Golf Tournament

Golfing expertise not required! Assist with calls, set-up, sponsorship, registration the day of the event…and sure, if you golf, definitely take your place on the Pittsburgh Field Club golf course on September 30, 2019 (rain makeup date from April 2019) and May 11, 2020!

Clerical Support

If you have facility with data entry and organizational skills, and time you are willing to offer, please let us know! The School and Advancement Offices can use extra help once in a while if they happen to be short-handed. Depending on the time of year and activities on deck, you may be needed to answer phones, file, enter data, update the website, etc.

Enrollment Building Committee (EBC)

Work directly with the Admissions Office and the Board of Directors Advancement Committee as they strive to expose young women in this region to the opportunites that await them at Oakland Catholic High School.

Dining Hall Monitors

Parent volunteers are needed to assist with supervision in the Dining Hall during lunch periods.


Parent volunteers are needed for various student events throughout the school year such as dances and field trips.


Parent volunteers are needed to serve light fare at events such as our Open House, the National Honors Society Induction, the Oakland Catholic Scholarship/Entrance Exam, and other PTG-hosted events.

Contribute While Shopping

Check out these other easy ways to contribute - support Oakland Catholic just by running your daily errands!


Please visit this page to ensure you've met the criteria for volunteering at OCHS.