The Diocese of Pittsburgh's Safe Environment Policy dictates mandatory requirements for anyone who will have regular contact with students. This includes employees, coaches, and volunteers. Clearances need to be completed and turned in BEFORE any practice/game/event/etc. takes place.

Please select the applicable clearances below, fill out each according to instructions, and return ALL completed documents/certificates to the School Office. Office copies will be kept in a confidential file; please keep the originals for your own records.

*Indicates clearances must be updated every five years.

Diocesan Database Registration

Register HERE. Access code: Protect.

Each page must be saved in order for your information to be included in the Diocesan Database. Once you complete the Diocesan Database Registration, a Criminal History Clearance will be issued.

PA Child Abuse*

Register and complete the form HERE.


Have you lived in PA for 10+ years?

  • If yes, read full document, sign and print.
  • If no, full FBI fingerprinting needs done.
    • Register online using access code: 1KG6TR.
    • Take your receipt to The UPS Store for fingerprinting. (Call ahead - not all UPS Stores fingerprint!)

Protecting God's Children Workshop

Register for a workshop session or complete the training online HERE. Print certificate of completion.

Note: This workshop MUST be completed within 30 days of your Diocesan Database Registration date.

Mandated Reporter Training

Watch video HERE. Print certificate of completion.

Act 24

Read full document and sign HERE.

Act 168 Sexual Misconduct/Abuse

Employees and Coaches only: You will be given this form in the Main Office to complete. The office will mail the form(s) to your previous employer(s) to complete and return to Oakland Catholic High School.