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Women in Chemistry Day

On October 27, Saint Francis University hosted the inaugural Women in Chemistry Day! Annie Trainier '18, Cora Marchand '18, and Abigail Lehrian '19 attended and participated in round-table discussions with female chemists, went on an interactive chemistry floor tour of SFU's new science center, and listened to presentations by two keynote speakers. This was a rewarding opportunity for our students to attended.

Annie and Abigail loved the experience and left SFU feeling inspired and driven to take on the Chemistry world! Read what they had to say about Women in Chemistry Day:

Annie Trainer (middle): "The Women in Chemistry Day at St. Francis was a great experience. We got to hear a presentation about women scientists throughout the ages and another about the role of pesticides in our society. We also participated in a panel where we talked one on one with various female chemists. Learning about the endless opportunities these women gained from their science based education and seeing the different paths they followed was very inspiring."

Abigail Lehrian (left): "To describe it briefly, we got to talk to several female chemists who are doing or have done groundbreaking work in their field. It allowed us to explore different careers that involve chemistry and different paths that we can take in the chemistry field."