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Volunteering with Veterans

Over the summer, Alyse Fay '21 completed 80 hours of volunteer work through the VA Youth Volunteer Program at the VA Heinz location. She split her time between Art Therapy and Physical/Occupational Therapy.

In Art Therapy, Alyse helped veterans create ceramic pieces using clay, molds, paint, and then distributed the completed fired figurines. While volunteering in Physical/Occupational Therapy, she assisted in transporting veterans and shadowed therapist sessions to learn proper exercises and treatment routines.

Alyse truly enjoys being in the presence of such admirable individuals. The veterans she interacted with shared stories and jokes with her and in turn, Alyse shared her own. This school year, Alyse's goal is to learn pottery in Art class here at Oakland Catholic so she can take her knowledge, skills, and creativity back to the veterans next summer. #WatchHerSoar


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