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Catholic Life and Leadership through Notre Dame

The Program Director of Notre Dame Vision and OC alumna, Megan Shepherd, OCHS'93 connected with current student, Rachel Sweeny, OCHS'22 at the inaugural Vision Academy for Catholic Life and Leadership

During this summer conference "high school participants formed a community of prayer, study, and service accompanied by undergraduate Vision Mentors through a two-week experience. Participants engaged in dynamic digital content from their homes designed to help them develop practices of prayer and reflection to embrace God's call in their daily life."

Megan was excited to talk with Rachel about Oakland Catholic! :)

Read about Rachel's experience:

"I had a wonderful experience with the program! The program was run by the McGrath Institute for Church Life at the University of Notre Dame and I spent two weeks diving into how music relates to the Catholic faith and learning new ways to form a stronger relationship with God. During the program I was a member of the Music Track, which essentially meant that my group focused our daily discussions on many different forms of music and then worked on analyzing the different pieces by figuring out how they related to scripture, connecting the lyrics to our own lives, and even looking into how certain pieces were composed in order to relate it to God. I got to meet so many new people, engage in meaningful conversations about my faith, and listen to some incredible speakers talk about the Catholic life. Each day was a new opportunity to learn about how God can be seen in music whether it be liturgical music, pop music, classical music, or even soundtracks from musicals. My two student mentors who are current Notre Dame students led my group in activities that allowed for deep conversations about God in our own lives and how we connect to certain pieces of music. They encouraged us to be ourselves and the group sessions every day had so many beautiful moments of dialogue and moments of grace. Later in the days everybody was encouraged to attend more sessions where we could have fun, connect, and enjoy time with God through trivia night, the talent show, live adoration, guest speakers, and even a special prayer service that was held at the Grotto. The whole atmosphere of the Vision Program was incredible and I was surrounded by others who were just as passionate about growing in their faith as I am. The sense of community was undeniable and I learned so many new ways to connect with God and with those around me."