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Students Spread Christmas Cheer to Guatemala
It does not take a lot to spread the warmth of the Christmas season to others.

Students at Oakland Catholic found this out as they created Christmas cards for the orphanage in Patzún, Guatemala that students visit each summer as part of a mission trip. This is the second year that students have sent cards to Patzún. This small act of kindness means so much to the children there that they still talk about the cards when the mission trip arrives from Oakland Catholic the following July!

As an added bonus, students got to meet with one of the children from the orphanage, who happened to be in Pittsburgh for a few weeks before returning to Guatemala. He explained earnestly that his three favorite things about the United States were, "Target, pizza, and Oakland Catholic." Students practiced their Spanish by answering his questions about what sports they played and what their favorite movies were.

This was a great way to put the students and faculty into the Christmas spirit, and a reminder to be thankful for faith, family and friends!