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STEM Assembly

The Math and Science Departments hosted a STEM Assembly on Friday, December 1st. Teachers designed a range of activities to cover student interests. Activities included a Spaghetti Tower, Foam Plate Gliders, Slow Rising Balloons, Hour of Code, Innovation Lab Keepsakes, Chemistry Goo and STEM Jeopardy! This was a fun and critical learning event for both students and faculty.

  • Spaghetti Tower: Use the design cycle to compete against other groups to see who can build the tallest tower out of limited and odd resources.
  • Foam Plate Gliders: Compete against other groups to see who can create the foam plate glider (similar to a paper airplane) that flies the farthest and controlled with the best accuracy.
  • Slow Rising Balloon:  Solve an actual "Science Olympiad" event and make your helium balloon rise slower than anybody else's.
  • Hour of Code: Learn the basic components of circuits, resistors, LED's and buzzers.  Create simple circuits on a breadboard and learn how to control them with an Arduino Nano.
  • Innovation Lab: Visit the Innovation Lab and create a small keepsake to take home.
  • STEM JeopardyPlay a STEM-themed jeopardy game show.
  • Chemistry Goooooo: Use the Chemistry rooms to create bouncy balls.