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Seven Students Accepted to PA Governor's School

Congratulations to juniors Molly DeLuca, Anne Trainer, Jessica Huang, and Grace Doerfler who have all been accepted into The Pennsylvania Governor's School for Global and International Studies! It is rare for any school to have more than two students accepted to the program in a given year and Oakland Catholic is proud to have four. Three additional juniors from Oakland Catholic were also chosen as alternates: Mary Sutton, Greta Parr, and Julianne Sorek.

The Pennsylvania Governor's School for Global and International Studies is an intensive four week residential program on the University of Pittsburgh's campus. This program is available to rising juniors and seniors who live in Pennsylvania and are accepted after a highly competitive application process.

This year's program will involve classes, activities, and off-campus events in the Pittsburgh area focused on a global perspective of human rights, health, equality, and environmental issues. Classes taken during the day will include languages such as Chinese, Arabic, Turkish, Portuguese, and Swahili. Evening events will include cultural activities that will expose students to music, food, dance, and other cultural traditions. Students will also spend weekends with their fellow Governor's School peers attending off-campus events in the region focusing on Pittsburgh's movement towards a deeper global perspective.