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Service in Webster Springs, WV

Students from Oakland Catholic and Central Catholic served as Christ's Hands and Feet to the community of Webster Springs, WV in their annual Appalachia Mission trip June 23-28. 70 students and 25 chaperones worked on home renovation projects for families in the community while the families in turn lovingly welcomed our students into their lives. Each day students learned new skill sets from their chaperones and foreman from putting up dry wall to painting to plumbing projects.

They developed team bonds and friendships with other students they had never met through the unexpected obstacles and successes encountered on each project. Each evening, students had the opportunity to explore Webster Springs, play games and reflect on the day in their small groups.

Prayer and community were the foundation of service throughout the week, making this a trip centered on Mission and love for God. Fr. Mark Thomas brought Mass to the work-sites and students had the opportunity to worship our Lord in Adoration and go to Reconciliation. Students gave talks each morning to allow for more intentional prayer and each night they lead the devotionals of a decade of the rosary and evening prayer.

Their spiritual growth and leadership made the trip more than just fixing homes, but an intentional act of love for the community of Webster Springs. This experience opened our student's hearts to the example of Christ's love that the Webster Springs community gave to them.