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Regional PJAS Success

The regional PJAS competition is in the books! Similar to last year, the fair was held virtually. Oakland Catholic's 13 participants conducted their research at various sites including OC, CC, university labs, and at home, then prepared virtual presentations of their findings, including slides accompanied by audio files. This format presented quite the challenge, since without the usual judges' Q&A, students had to anticipate and address potential questions while crafting their slides.

Judges scored the projects over a week's time and OC participants earned the following: eight 1st places, four 2nd places, and one 3rd place across six different categories (botany, chemistry, microbiology, earth and space, physics, and biology). Students who earned a 1st place will have the opportunity to compete in the State Competition in May. Congratulations to all of our amazing, driven PJAS students! 


Last First Grad year Project Title place at local competition
Devlin Charlotte 2023 Testing the Efficacy of Disinfectants on Populous Surfaces 1
Givens Soldae 2025 What type of lettuce will thrive in a mini indoor greenhouse? 3
Kennelly Gianna 2025 Does Spherification Affect pH Levels? 1
Lucadamo Briella 2023 The Effects of Long Bone Length on Kicking Distance 2
Mani Vega 2025 The Effects of Soil Salinity on Seed Germination 2
Mikhonin Korina 2023 Aloe Vera VS Staphylococcus Epidermidis 1
Moats Vanessa 2022 The Effectiveness of Probiotics on E. coli. 2
Palladino Regina 2023 Down The Drain: Evaluating Cosmetics in Groundwater 1
Pretto Olivia 2023 The Effect of Synthetic Glucocorticoids on Lung Inflammation 1
Price Erin 2024 Radio Wave Propagation in the Atmosphere 1
Sword Sydney 2024 Bee Venom: Deadly or a Disinfectant? 2
Waruszewski Gretchen 2025 Melatonin effects on microflora 1
White Isabella 2023 Shining Bright: A Study of Temperature and Chemiluminescence 1



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