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Law Summit at Harvard

Evelyn Sorg, OCHS'24 applied to attend the Academies by Harvard Student Agencies program. Evie was accepted into the program and selected to attend the Law Summit. 

"The Harvard class that I took was extraordinary! Our first day was a civics lesson that talked about the US court system. We learned the difference between Civil and Criminal law and the difference between the federal court system and the state court system. We discussed what courts take which cases, and what legal precedent is. This is when we also started crafting ideas for what our position paper was going to be about, we had to submit one by the end of the program. Our second day we talked about case reading. We learned how to read a case, learning things like, where to find the syllabus, the majority opinion, and dissenting opinion. The next class we discussed small claims court. We talked about who could sue, what it was, and the general procedure. This was also when we had to submit first drafts of our paper. The last day we fully turned in our position paper as well as creating some slides to go along with it. Our position paper had to be about a problem that we deemed unconstitutional or a problem that we found in the federal court system. After presentations we just went through a brief coverage of how to get into law school and what the LSAT was. Overall the class was fantastic. I learned so much, and became a lot more interested in being a lawyer and going to law school."