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Politics Summit at Harvard

OC School Counselor, Mrs. Lanzendorfer nominated Caroline Sarneso, OCHS'22 for the Academies by Harvard Student Agencies program. Caroline was accepted into the program and selected to attend the Politics Summit. 

"I enjoyed the class, the interaction with the proctors (who are current Harvard Students & not much older than I) and the interactions with other students from all over the world.  One of the course requirements was being assigned an “issue area”.  We had to discuss the issue, identify an underlying problem, and then brainstorm solutions.  We then had to present a slide-based presentation.  There was an evaluation on creativity, thoughtfulness of the policy idea, the depth of the research and the clarity of the presentation.  They awarded a prize for each of the criteria and then one for the best project overall.  I was recognized as the best overall project!  Investing 16+ hours over two weekends was a little challenging given where we are in the academic year, but worth it in the end." - Caroline Sarneso, OCHS'22

Caroline was proud to represent Oakland Catholic during this program!


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