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Phipps Contest Honors Two OC Artists

Drawing on their exceptional artistic and literary talents, Sophomores Maya Weaver and Grace Antoncic submitted pieces to Phipps' Fairchild Challenge's first high school contest of the year, "Shaped by Nature." The challenge asked each student to create a two-dimensional piece and accompanying essay that explore the relationship between a specific human organ and a plant, highlighting the intersectionality of our biological systems. Maya and Grace creatively wove symbolism, imagination, and skill into their projects, wowing judges and earning Third Place and Special Merit Awards, respectively. Their works, Nervous System and Trees and Toe'dstool, will be framed and presented in an art show in January, along with the artwork of artist-in-residence Ashley Cecil.

Check out the Phipps Conservatory blog for more on this innovative and impressive challenge. Congratulations to the winners and our inspirational Art Department! We can't wait for your art show!

Nervous System and Trees, Maya Weaver

Toe'dstool, Grace Antoncic