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OC World Fair

For the first time in two years, the annual Oakland Catholic World Fair was held in-person this past week in the Donahue Pavilion and Joan of Arc Theater. With the help of 2 phenomenal international speakers, 70 student volunteers, and all campus faculty, organizer & Latin teacher Heather Day excitedly welcomed students to interact with over 50 booths highlighting different countries and customs from around the globe. Participants learned about a wide variety of issues and tried out some new cultural traditions, exploring everything from how countries are combatting climate change to how to put on a Japanese kimono.

"An event like this truly takes a village, and I am really grateful for all the support and help that I received in pulling off this event that brings OC's emphasis on a global perspective to the forefront. Plus, we all walked away with a few new Israeli and Irish dance moves!" -Heather Day

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