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OC Students Attend March for Life

Earlier this January, Oakland Catholic and Central Catholic students traveled to Washington DC to attend the March for Life. Below is a reflection from Monica Veres, OC '19, on the trip and how it personally impacted her.

"It has been 45 years since the Supreme Court case of Roe vs. Wade occurred. Because of this, over 58 million children have lost their lives, which could sadly mean 58 million mothers and fathers have lost their children to abortion as well.

I first went on the March for Life in second grade with my Church. As a child, I did not realize how long abortion had been going on for, and therefore just thought we would march up to the Supreme Court, they would sign a bill or something, and everyone would just return to loving babies. However, I soon came to realize this was definitely not the case. As I continued to grow older, I noticed many people didn't understand why I marched every year. I've been told this fight is a lost cause, or I should just accept the fact that the law is never going to change. However, I've come to realize that I no longer march just to change the law, but instead I march for all human dignity and a show of my support for all affected by these unplanned pregnancies. It's not so much about the law, but instead getting across the idea that killing an innocent life, no matter the reason, will never truly help the mother, father, or child. I do realize not everyone may change their minds and hearts instantly or anytime soon, however, illustrating all of our love and support for all human dignity can and has had an affect on some!"

This year I had a new and special experience when I saw a friend go on the March for her first time, as well as hear some amazing thoughts from the Central Catholic students about being pro-life. One quote that stuck with me said 'being pro-life isn't just a choice or a political standpoint, it's a lifestyle that I support and stand for each and everyday of my life.' No hearts are ever going to be truly changed by a new law, instead the ideas and the choice to believe that lives are expendable must be reshaped, starting with the March for Life."


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