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OC Service in Jewish Tradition to Honor Tree of Life

Following the Tree of Life tragedy, many in the OC community sought to channel the outpouring of grief and support into meaningful gatherings in order to honor the victims and promote healing. After much careful consideration, two students at Oakland Catholic decided they could best honor the deceased by hosting a prayer service that would both memorialize those who died and pay tribute to their faith. After discussing the idea with OC President Mrs. Kasunic, Audrey Aronis worked with friend Makenna Kemper and Mrs. Powell to design a service that included personal narratives about each victim, Jewish songs and prayers, and candles painted by volunteers then blessed and lit during the service. As Audrey and Makenna reflected, "It was important for us to do this so that we never forget the tragedy that occurred at the Tree of Life, and the memories of these people will live on forever in our hearts." Thank you to everyone who participated in this service, and particularly to Audrey and Makenna for their compassionate initiative.


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