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OC Alumna Passes On Valuable Advice

Often, the most compelling advice comes from someone who's been in your shoes. After a memorable OC career that included Highest Honor Roll achievements, an impressive volleyball record and a KDKA Extra Effort Award, Liz Jankowski, OC '18, accepted an offer to study and play volleyball at CMU. Recently, she returned to OC to share her perspective as a college sophomore with the students of Mr. DeFilippo's econ class. In addition to speaking about balancing coursework and extracurriculars as a collegiate student athlete, Liz shared her thoughts on the pressure to declare a major upon entering college. Recounting her own journey to declaring, she described the process of changing her major from science to business after taking a few classes outside her planned field of focus. As surprised as she was at her interest in this foreign field, she allowed herself to pursue a new path and encouraged the soon-to-be-graduates to challenge the idea that they must map out their four years up front. We are grateful to Liz and so many of our alumna for showing our students that open-mindedness and flexibility are as important as dedication and determination!