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Language Fair - Bigger Than Ever Before!

Ms. Heather Day

On Wednesday, April 11th, Oakland Catholic celebrated the 3rd Annual Language Fair and it was the biggest yet! Students and faculty gathered in the Aux Gym and the Donahue Pavilion to learn more about languages and cultures around the world through games, crafts, dances, and presentations. Students and faculty set up 30 diverse booths during the two CCW sessions, each offering insight into a different culture, language or country. Students created Chinese Zodiac characters, decorated Venetian masks, made bracelets representing world flags, and wove Huichol Indian God's Eyes. They answered trivia questions about geography, written languages and biblical allusions. They raced in Chair-iots in the Circus Minimus. Above all, they had fun learning!

These maps display the countries we've reached from the language fair by class. Seniors are represented by blue, juniors by red, sophomores by green, freshmen by pink and faculty by black. In the end, the juniors were the most travelled class, but the entire OC community (represented in burgundy above) has impressively explored over 100 countries. Looking forward to all the knowledge, perspective and stories you'll bring from your future travels, OCHS!