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JOA Capstone Projects 2024

On Thursday, April 11th, the JOA Seniors presented their Capstone projects to their classmates, JOA Moderator Ms.Pazzaglia and other faculty, as a celebration of their successes and accomplishments throughout their 3 or 4 years as a Joan of Arc Scholar. Each student selected and researched a topic of interest to them ranging from 'Representation in Horror Films' to 'Pitt Volleyball' to 'Christmas Traditions Around the World' to 'The Effectiveness of Duolingo!' Congratulations, Class of 2024 JOA Scholars!

The list of JOA Seniors is as follows:

Madison Adams
Eliza Bell
Channing Brook
Caroline Diegelman
Elena Esquivel
Mia Flaherty
Kate Hallett
Alexis Hammerling
Sabrina Leffler
Olivia Marche
Mia Maurizio
Madeline Ng
Annelies Palombi
Taylor Pauley
Amelia Perri
Anastasia Piacentini
Erin Price
Abigail Santora
Boa Seo
Maeve Shaughnessy
Evelyn Sorg
Keira Steitz
Sydney Sword
Roisin Tsang
Michaela William
Angelina Wilson