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Jane Pawlowicz, OCHS'22 - Modern Political Leadership Program

Jane Pawlowicz, OCHS'22, recently completed a pre-college program through the University of Notre Dame. The title of the program was: Global Scholars - Modern Political Leadership: The Powers of the US President and UK Prime Minister Compared. 

"From March to April, I participated in a 6-week course through the University of Notre Dame's pre-college Global Scholars program. The course I took was entitled "Modern Political Leadership: The Powers of the US President and UK Prime Minister Compared,” and was taught by Dr. Richard Heffernan, a professor at Notre Dame's London Global Gateway. The course focused on comparing the governments and political systems of the United States and the United Kingdom. We discussed how the roles of the president and the prime minister differ, exploring topics from election processes, to how they command their legislature. We also critically evaluated other elements, such as the role of each government’s judicial and legislative powers. What I loved about taking this course was that it granted me the ability to learn and have fun. We were also required to write two term papers for this course. The first discussing the significant differences between the government systems, and the second utilizing the information we learned to decide who was more powerful, the president or the prime minister. Overall, it was a fantastic experience, and I enjoyed every second of it. I am so thankful that I could participate and meet new friends from all over the world."


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