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High Scores on AP Lit Exam

When the College Board's Senior VP of Advanced Placement, Trevor Packer, characterizes exam results as "bad news," even a teacher as strong as Dr. Doerfler flinches. Chair of OC's English Department and AP Literature teacher, Dr. Doerfler knew her students were well-prepared, but her confidence ebbed to a cautious optimism when Packer tweeted: "The 2018 AP English Literature scores: 5: 5.6%; 4: 14.6%; 3: 27.2%; 2: 36.1%; 1:16.5%. This is bad news: after last year's record low, this is a further significant decline in student performance..."

Fortunately, OC's AP Literature students proved her initial expectations entirely accurate with their phenomenal performances! A whopping 75% of OC students scored a 4 or a 5, as opposed to 20% nationally. Additionally, 85% of OC students received a passing score (3 or above) which is 35% higher than the national average.

Top scorers earned college credits, but more importantly the students who completed Dr. Doerfler's course and this difficult exam proved they are more than ready to excel at the college level. Congratulations!