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Guatemalan Students Share Traditional Toys

This past week, Oakland Catholic enthusiastically welcomed two students from Guatemala to our school community. Via a new international partnership, Rosy Castañeda and Isa Cordero Hurtate will spend the next eight weeks of their 'summer break' immersing themselves in our culture while sharing aspects of theirs. The visitors spent their first week taking on the substantial tasks of acclimating to their new environment, acquainting themselves with their host families, and getting to know their classmates. However, they didn't hesitate to contribute to their classmates' learning at the first opportunity. Rosy and Isa presented their Studio 1 art class with traditional Guatemalan toys and, after explaining their significance, helped classmates paint the models they brought from home. The results were beautiful, and just one of many cultural exchanges we're excited to observe over the next two months.


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