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Grace McHale Awarded Fulbright Scholarship

Grace McHale, OCHS '14 is one of only 11 students from Pitt Honor's College (and one of only 1,900 college students nationally) to receive the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship this year. Grace will travel to Brazil to teach English - a perfect match for her dual language and political science majors.

Although her first love, and major, is Spanish, Grace became enamored with Portuguese mid-way through her college career. "Graduation came and I just...wasn't done [studying Portuguese]!" she reflected. Having visited several Spanish-speaking countries, this will be her first trip to a country where Portuguese is the official language. "I'm excited to learn it more immersively..Language isn't anything without culture."

Also a political science major who hopes to positively impact our education system, Grace anticipates the experience will inform her future contributions. "I've come to realize that in order to become a changemaker in education, I need to start by becoming a teacher. It's an invaluable experience, being in the classroom and seeing what really works and what doesn't."

Congratulations on this incredible accomplishment, Grace!