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Global Careers Seminar: Careers in Environmental Sustainability
On April 4th, Ms. Amanda Skoner took four students (Emma Fandray '20, Carolyn Guzikowski '20, Dallas Mercurio '20, and Claire Pilewski '19) on a field trip to the Global Careers Seminar: Careers in Environmental Sustainability. The event was hosted by the Green Building Alliance (in the Southside) and the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh.

They got a tour (from one of the lead property developers) of the Highline, which is a large, old building in the Southside that is being converted into office spaces, a gym, and other community-friendly spaces. Green Building Alliance is an organization that helps people to build environmentally sustainable places, such as those in the Highline. They saw the raw building space, half-completed offices, and fully-finished areas and the transformation was really exciting to see! After the tour, the group listened to an informative presentation on environmental sustainability and global sustainability goals. The afternoon finished with a panel of speakers who hold various jobs in sustainability, such as a landscape architect and climate and resilience analyst from the City of Pittsburgh Office of Sustainability. Lastly, the girls participated in small group discussions with these experts to learn more about their careers and educational pathways.

Overall, it was a great educational event and inspired us with new sustainability ideas for the Environmental Club and our school.