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Girls of Steel - Greater Pittsburgh Regional Competition

March 15th-18th, ten members of the Girls of Steel (GoS) competed in the Greater Pittsburgh Regional Competition at California University of Pennsylvania in California, PA. The team was joined by a first-year team from Shenzen, China that stemmed from their summer Feiyue program. This was the teams first regional robotics competition.

After a competitive and educational three days, the GoS qualified for the First Championship in St. Louis. The team was also awarded the Engineering Inspiration Award sponsored by NASA, and were ranked 9 out of 39 teams.

Congratulations to the OC Girls of Steel!

Greater Pittsburgh Regional Competition Roster from OCHS

Hope Digioia

Riley Doyle

Rozie Fero

Sofia Heller

Isabelle Kowenhoven

Mary Laird

Rosie Li

Lauren Shovlin

Adison Staskiewicz

Mikayla Trost


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